Intermediate Flags - Bath 2s v Bristol Bombers 2's - 11th November 2017

Bath 2’s v Bristol Bombers 2’s

11th November 2017

Intermediate Flags

Final Score Bath 1:11 Bristol



Bath improve throughout tough Flags encounter


Nigel Gates in goal



“This is nothing like the Freshers game the other day, the ball was basically on the ground and we ran into each other a lot, this is so quick” was probably the quote of the day by one of the new players on Bath’s roster. And Bristol certainly didn’t throw the ball away needlessly, in fact the boys in Gold moved the ball well and with purpose, Bath’s defence had its work cut out all game, make no mistake.


Steve Mooney


Bath had 17 players on show, including 6 University freshers and a 16-year-old with one game under his belt. The potential in this squad is immense, there’s plenty to work with, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn to name but two. However, to say they were in at the deep end would be an understatement.



Bristol set out their stall early, moving the ball around goal and double picking off the crease (nothing new there). It took a quarter for Bath’s more experienced long poles to get hold of the situation and get the new players up to some sort of understanding and speed. On the side lines, there were many questions – “What’s a pick”? “What’s a ride”?  “Where do I go in a Zone”? Fundamental stuff and all answered/explained on the hoof while the game was going on, there was never any questions like “Why is that big defender shouting at me”? Everything was taken in good spirit and in the knowledge that improvements would come, and come it did, throughout this game.


Harry Barr at face

Bristol scored 6 goals to no reply in the first quarter, not that Bath weren’t trying, it was just nativity at key moments. But gradually Keeper Nige Gates (Back from nearly 2 years out injured) and D Poles Steve Mooney and Shaun Peacock started to take command of the situation, ably supported by Ben King (LSM) who continues to show real potential, and Ollie Walker, three games to the good in his so far long illustrious career.

Bristol didn’t let up, and had the lions share of possession for 80% of the game, but the Bath defence locked down and held the visitor to only 5 goals for the rest of the game, impressive stuff. One attempt by the Bristol keeper, Guy Oldring to go coast to coast nearly ended with Shaun Peacock putting it in his net with a long range shot from in front of the Bath goal.

Shaun Peacock


At face Rich Bowen-Ashwin was a handful and Harry Barr (another three-game veteran) is looking like there might be a face man in there somewhere.

Transition was the real problem that Bath couldn’t solve with any conviction, and that’s just down to handling at crucial moments, plus the pressure to make something happen quickly meant the ball was often thrown away far too quickly, the tired defence was not happy.

Bath started to get some traction when Neil Anthony (MVP for the game) stepped into Midfield from attack and his energy started to make things happen for the home side, and it was a well-deserved consolation goal by Tom Jacques in the third quarter (back door sneak onto the crease) that stopped the shut out for Bristol.

Neil Anthony on the move


This Bath team improved hugely throughout the match, and with a few more games and time under their belts, the results will start to come.

Bristol go on to face the Bath first team in the next round, it won’t be a foregone conclusion.


Quarter Scores

1st quarter Bath 0:6 Bristol

2nd quarter Bath 0:2 Bristol

3rd quarter Bath 1:2 Bristol


4th quarter Bath 0:1 Bristol

Final Score Bath 1:11 Bristol



Tom Jacques 1


M Whittle (Panel)