Bath 1sts away at Bristol Bombers 2nds - 5th Nov 2017

Bristol Bombers 2nds v Bath

5th November 2017

Location Bristol

Final Score: Bristol 1:16 Bath


Team photo

The game started off slow. Both teams were good with the ball, physical on the ground ball, and put on a good showing. The game wasn’t as one sided as the score card shows. Bath had to work for their chances but the main difference is one team finished theirs.

Doug Mackay shoots

Bristol 2’s are an organised and physical team but lacked a finish in front of goal. The home side were very disciplined with the ball, passing quickly, trying to work an opening using two men setting picks on crease or X to create space to run into. A down side to this may have been always looking for one more pass and not taking a chance with a shot from up top.

Wilmot bosses the defence


Bath were also disciplined, supporting each other well in both attack and defence. The attacked moved the ball well and created space for Bath’s chances. Baths defence had to be organised and communicate effectively to handle Bristol’s mobile attack.

Expelliamus by FWilmot

Sam White was a physical presence in defence making some excellent checks and coming away with a lot of ground balls.  Captain Luke Wilmot read the oppositions attack well causing lots of turnovers with well-timed interceptions and Laurence Dawson-Smith making his first appearance in the first team with a D pole, stepped up well; he communicated excellently and slid effectively. In goal Toby Painter made some solid saves when called upon and he created transition with effective clearing.

Hustler comes out of the crowd

Alex Hustler played great at both ends of the pitch, communicating well and played good body defence. On attack he was always a danger, scoring twice. At Face and he won all but one, and that because he set off into attack without the ball. Doug Mackay also played well at both ends, Ball movement in attack turned the defence and he open the scoring on the day. On defence Mackay’s communication was vital. Ken Murray led the attack well getting players to move the ball better and not loft passes and his help on the clears from goal were much appreciated by Painter. Murray scored in the first quarter, but his performance deserved more. One of the unsung heroes on the day was Alex George, his tireless running and ground ball work helped the boys in red retain the ball and save legs, important as the visitors had a small squad on the day.

Murray picks for Mackay

Lloyd Butler started the game slow but ended strong with a second half hat-trick. His movement was good and his link up play with fellow attack man Matt King was top drawer. Craig Morey created a lot of space off the ball moving the play through X, supporting the ball and creating space for his other attackers to capitalise. He managed to finally get his reward with a goal in the fourth quarter. Captains man of the match was Matt King; King was great on the ball and a big threat to the Bristol defence scoring seven of the sixteen goals. On a few occasions he dodged past 3-4 of the Bristol defence to score.

Morey moves the ball on

Quarter Scores

1st quarter Bristol 0:3 Bath

Mackay, M King, Murray

2nd quarter Bristol 0:4

M King x 4

3rd quarter Bristol 1:5 Bath

M King, Butler, M King, Mackay Hustler

4th quarter Bristol 0:4 Bath

Butler, Butler, Morey, Hustler

Final Score Bristol 1:16 Bath


Doug Mackay 2

Matt King 7

Ken Murray 1

Lloyd butler 3

Alex Hustler 2

Craig Morey 1