Bath 2nds away at Exeter University - 5th November 2017

Exeter University v Bath 2nds

5th November 2017


Duckes Meadow, Exeter

West League 1

Final Score Exeter 10:7 Bath


Bath travel Shorthanded and give a good account of themselves

Ben Whitfield long pole


Sometimes it’s tough, and this game was no exception, late cry offs by various players meant Bath went to Exeter with the bare 10 players, 5 of which were technically long poles.

This meant some readjusting on the field, and the plan was to move the ball and save legs (no surprise there), and to share the midfield load across the team.



Ben Whitfield faces

Both teams had a few new freshers (Bath had 2) so the game was always going to be about who can pick the ball up the quickest, no mean feat at Duckes Meadow, which isn’t the smoothest of surfaces.

There wasn’t much between the two teams on the field, aside from the extra legs, Bath however were trying too hard in front of goal with some solo efforts, which resulted in trying the half chance rather than making the most of possession.

Exeter eked out a steady trickle of goals though and finished the first quarter 3:0 up, Bath should have been closer.

The second quarter was much the same, Bath struggled with the Exeter face man resulting in less possession for the visitors, however the D coped well, coming up with a lot of ball, Paul Bown putting some particularly big hits on the boys in green, the problem lay in the transition, due to lack of legs in the main.


Roberts holds the ball

As the game wore on however, Bath began to gel, reading the situations better and providing better ball movement, Ben Whitfield began to dominate with a short pole, creating a lot more chances in the game than his end tally of 4 suggests. The third quarter was tied 2 each and Bath could have had doubled the score with the chances created. Bath moving Shaun Peacock back into a long pole position providing a more experienced back three certainly was a factor.

The 4th quarter was all Bath, trying to pull back the 6-goal deficit, and for a while it looked like they might get there. Even Marcus Dunn got on the score board with a great end to end long pole goal.


Exeter under pressure

The midfield looked more comfortable on the ball, led by Ali Frizell, and the two freshers, Harry Barr and Oliver Walker; who have the makings of good Lacrosse players.

MVP for Bath was a close call, but Whitfield’s goals certainly helped to swing the decision, although, Frizell (calm under fire) and Will Tilson (fantastic save from a long pole backhand attempt, unsighted) certainly had a part to play.


Will Tilson clears

In Bath this game will be a totally different story, Captain Joe Stone will certainly be looking for improvement on the pitch and in commitment by some players.

Quarter Scores

1st quarter Exeter 3:0 Bath

2nd quarter Exeter 4:1 Bath


3rd quarter Exeter 2:2 Bath

Whitfield, Roberts

4th quarter Exeter 1:4 Bath

Whitfield, Roberts, Dunn, Whitfield

Final score Exeter 10:7 Bath


Ben Whitfield 4

Nik Roberts 2

Marcus Dunn 1


Oliver ??? (Exeter)