Weekend 21st October 2017 - Bath 2nds v Bristoland S'ton ve Bath 1sts

Bath 2nds v Bristol Bombers 2nds

21 October 2017

Location – Odd Down, Bath

West League 1

Final Score Bath 5:10 Bristol


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Seconds out smarted by Bombers


Floating stick trick

This was the seconds first real game with a good helping of brand new freshers from Bath University, so it was always going to be a factor of how quickly the team could gel and how quickly the new players picked up the rules and game know how.

Laurence Dawson-Smith in action

The starting 10 for Bath wasn’t bad on paper, although there were one or two playing out of their natural positions.

Laurnce Dawson-Smith defends

Overall the game was very tight, with few opportunities, Bath probably had as many chances as Bristol to score, but just didn’t take them, either with a fluffed pass or just a plain bad shot.

In goal, as always Will Tilson was on good form with some outstanding saves, but the midfield didn’t help with the clear, putting unnecessary pressure from the ride resulting in the better possession for Bristol.

Mark Lane shoots

At Face Chris Mills was outstanding and gets the MVP vote, winning almost all the face off situations. One face finished off with a very tidy fast break well finished by Mark Lane.

Mills dominates the face offFresher Harry Barr on the move

Not a bad result against a more experienced side, and as the freshers gain experience, this result might well be different in the future, can Bath up their game in time for the flags match in December, which is a repeat of this fixture.

Neil Anthony shoots



Chriss Mills

Quarter Scores

1st quarter Bath 1:3 Bristol

M Lane

2nd quarter Bath 0:0 Bristol

3rd quarter Bath 1: Bristol

A Scott

4th quarter Bath 3:6 Bristol

M Lane, A Scott, M Lane

Dylan Gosden in his first lacrosse game


Mark Lane 3

Alex Scott 2



1st Half – N Roberts (Bath)

2nd Half – T Jacques (Bath)


Southampton v Bath

21 Oct 2017

Location – Wide Lane, Southampton

West League 1

Final Score Southampton 1:32 Bath


Firsts Crush Southampton

Club Captain Luke Wilmot wasn’t pleased with the cancelled game the week before, so went to the South coast with a bit of a point to make.

Southampton are a very green side, Bath were not, and it showed as the visitors scored at will, although to be fair the Southampton team didn’t ever give up, and managed to steal a goal in the 3rd quarter.

This was one for the record books as it firmly places itself high in the all-time best scores and goal differences for Bath.

Did Wilmot learn much about the team for future, tighter matches is the big question.



Matt King

Quarter Scores

1st quarter S’ton 0:6 Bath

Butler, Murray, Carey, Murray, Griffiths, M King

2nd quarter S’ton 0:7 Bath

Morey, Griffiths, Butler, Griffiths, Murray, M King, M King

3rd quarter S’ton 1:9 Bath

Hustler, Butler, Murray, Morey, S King, M King, Murray, Oswin, Butler

4th quarter S’ton 0:10 Bath

Oswin, Butler, Butler, Hustler, M King,  King, Butler, Morey, Murray, Griffiths

Final Score S’ton 1:32 Bath



Lloyd Butler 7

Ken Murray 6

Mike Carey 1

Simon Griffiths 4

Matt King 6

Craig Morey 3

Alex Hustler 2

Ben Oswin 2

Sam King 1



S’ton player



Top Ten Highest Bath Scores          
Opp Date played Comp For Ag'st Bath team
Cardiff Harlequins 2 25-Feb-12 West Div 1 38 1 Firsts
Southampton City 10-Nov-12 West Div 1 34 0 Firsts
Bristol Bombers 2 21-Jan-12 West Div 1 33 0 Firsts
Southampton Tridents (City) 21-Oct-17 West Div 1 32 1 Firsts
Hitchin "A" 15-Jan-00 Division 2 31 2 Firsts
Southampton University 04-Nov-89 Senior Flags 30 0 Firsts
Buckhurst Hill "A" 07-Feb-87 Division 2 28 1 Firsts
Penarth 02-Oct-99 Friendly 28 6 Firsts
Purley 12-Dec-92 Division 1 28 3 Firsts
Cambridge University 05-Nov-88 Conference B 27 0 Firsts
Hitchin "A" 09-Oct-99 Division 2 27 0 Firsts
Portsmouth University 28-Feb-04 Division 2/3 27 2 Firsts
Purley "A" 28-Feb-87 Division 2 27 1 Firsts
Southampton University 08-Oct-88 Conference B 27 0 Firsts
Portsmouth University 28-Jan-12 Intermediate Flags 27 2 Firsts



Goals for Goals against Goal difference Team name Type of game date played Bath team
38 1 37 Cardiff Harlequins A West Div 1 25-Feb-12 Firsts
34 0 34 Southampton Tridents (city) West Div 1 10-Nov-12 Firsts
33 0 33 Bristol Bombers 2 West Div 1 21-Jan-12 Firsts
32 1 31 Southampton Tridents (city) West Div 1 21-Oct-17 Firsts
30 0 30 Southampton University Senior Flags 04-Nov-89 Firsts
31 2 29 Hitchin "A" Division 2 15-Jan-00 Firsts
28 1 27 Buckhurst Hill "A" Division 2 07-Feb-87 Firsts
27 0 27 Southampton University Conference B 08-Oct-88 Firsts
27 0 27 Hitchin "A" Division 2 09-Oct-99 Firsts
27 0 27 Cambridge University Conference B 05-Nov-88 Firsts