Bath v Bath 2 Opening Fixture 30th Sept 2017

Bath v Bath 2

Opening Fixture for Season 2017/18

30th Sept 2017

Location: Odd Down, Bath

Final Score

Bath 11:9 Bath 2nds




Full squad


Bath need to fulfil this fixture twice during the season, and it’s an ideal filler when a team declines to travel, such was the case with Plymouth University.

Club Captain Luke Wilmot, has, in certain positions real competition and games like these allow him to look at what’s on offer. And of course, there will be some Bath University students looking to come on roster.

So, what’s the Roster looking like for the coming season


Regular 1st team pick, Mark Lane has opted to play outfield this year, giving opportunities for Toby Painter and Will Tilson, both have good qualities, and both have areas that need work, something that shouldn’t be ignored as, aside from Lane, Nigel Gates might well be back from injury at some point this season.



Who plays alongside Wilmot will be interesting this year, veterans on show, Paul Bown and Sam White put in solid performances and there is always Steve Mooney in the background. Returning full time this year, Shaun Peacock has a lot of good qualities, particularly if you’re looking for a mobile D pole while Ben King looks better and better each game, new to the long pole this year is Laurence Dawson-Smith, always willing to learn and improving well. But after that, the club has a shortage of options in the long pole slots.

Straight Attack

Up front there is a good portion of experience to choose from, Simon Griffiths, pushed last year’s top scorer Lloyd Butler all the way, as did Nik Roberts (refereeing this one). Mike Carey looks fresh and weighed in with 4 goals, one a cracker on the crease from a sharp pass by Ken Murray, and Craig Morey who has an excellent eye for the right cut also weighed in with 3 goals.  Mark Lane, playing outfield looks a real handful for defences and brings good outside shot into the mix, he could have had double his 3 goal tally in this game. Matt King is a proven finisher and a real presence when in attack. Ross Graham had an excellent game and, with more games under his belt should become an accomplished feed and move attacker. Rumour has it that Joe Parnell, now graduating from Newcastle University may return to the west country, and the captains can rely occasionally on Tom Jacques and Neil Anthony to fill a spot when work allows.


Mark Lane



This game showed the importance of a good face man, normally Ken Murray would be first out of the bag, but Alex Hustler proved dominant, on his day he’s unstoppable (without fouling), Rich Bowen-Ashwin yet again showed he has all the makings of a great defensive middie and utility face man. At wing Sam King (4 goals) has speed, class, physicality and a bomb of a left-hand shot.  Doug Mackay is becoming the general of the midfield, although in this game he faced off a few times in Whites desperate attempts to stop Hustler, on unfortunate face saw him catch his thigh on Hustlers Helmet, resulting in a visit to the hospital for 5 stitches. On the wings and as driving runners on the Bath, both Alex George and Ali Frizell had solid games, good movement and effective ground balls cannot be understated. Wilmot has a few other midfielders to consider not on display in this game, Joe Stone, last seasons most improved player is tenacious and has goals in his game, as does Jacob Stapleton, young Sam Green from Salisbury has bags of energy and injuries willing Jonty Terrington might make the field this season.


Rich Bowen-AshwinSam King

All In all the Bath squad is building nicely, and once the University students become a factor, particularly freshers on the second team, Bath should dominate the West division again.


The game itself had a few highs and lows, Hustlers face off and Sam Kings numerous attempts to stop him, normally ending up with King lying on the floor muttering to himself.  Mark Lane’s dodge and shoot (into the ground) and Ross Graham getting his first goal (to cap an excellent game).

Will Tilson stopping a bomb from long pole Wilmot with his knee cap, which resulted in some very interesting break dancing for a few minutes afterwards. The lack of sympathy for Mackay’s wound and sheer enthusiasm from Dawson Smith to bandage absolutely everything in sight brought entertainment, although there was some interest in the offending helmet, as some of Doug Mackey had been left behind, embedded in the metal popper.

And the contrast between Simon Griffith’s attempt at a scoop in front of an empty-goal which cleared the cross bar by a good six feet and Mike Careys quick reactions to take the Murray pass, spin and score on the crease under pressure.

The standard of Lacrosse over all was very good, plenty of ball movement, good defence and well worked goals



Rich Bowen-Ashwin


Quarter Scores

1st quarter Bath 3:2 Bath 2

S King, S King, Lane – Hustler, Murray

2nd quarter Bath 5:4 Bath 2

Lane, S King, Morey, Lane, Graham – Carey, Carey, Griffiths, Carey

3rd Quarter Bath 0:2 Bath 2

M King, Carey

4th quarter Bath 3:1 Bath 2

S King, Morey, Morey – Murray

Final Score

Bath 11:9 Bath 2



Bath 1sts

Sam King 4

Mark Lane 3

Craig Morey 3

Ross Graham 1

Bath 2nds

Alex Hustler 1

Ken Murray 2

Mike Carey 4

Simon Griffiths 1

Matt King 1



Nik Roberts (Bath)