Bath v Birmingham 25 March 2017

Bath v Birmingham

West Div 1

25h March 2017

Final Score Bath 8:4 Birmingham

Brum keeper on fire to keep visitors in the chase.

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Ben Hopkins up for the game

Confident line up pre game



This fixture was meant to be Bath v Bath 2’s, but with the league requiring results, and Bath have, to be honest played each other a lot this season, Birmingham at home was a much better prospect.

Lloyd Butler rides


Again, Bath allowed the visiting team to dominate possession for long periods of this game, and when with the ball rushing the attack. At the back, knock downs were in abundance, but the clear was badly executed, resulting in the back at coming straight back at the hard-working defence.

Ben King hits the deck

Doug Mackay sets himself to shoot

The first quarter was all Bath, more used to the big 3G pitch at Odd down goals seemed to be coming easy, Lloyd Butler finished from short range top open the scoring, and Simon Griffiths finished a roll and doge with a pin point goal to the corner. Doug Mackay, moving well in front of the zone fired in and then assisted Butler for his second, Tom Naughton then finished off with a shot from up front after rotating the defence to behind the goal for the feed. Birmingham managed one shot and one goal, but would be feeling hard dome by as they had competed everywhere on the pitch.


Ken Murray lets fly, literally

Ken Murray controls the attack

The second quarter was all about the keepers, Birmingham’s, in particular was having a blinder, getting something on to anything that came his way, except for one easy put in for the visitors, the quarter was uneventful from either attack’s point of view.

Another telling off from Captain Wilmot woke the team up, but it took a lucky goal for Bath to get the ball rolling again as one of their defenders deflected a feed into their own net, but a good feed from top left to a very mobile Craig Morey and another trade-mark roll and dodge from Simon Griffiths stretched the lead and gave the home side breathing space.


Sam King outruns the Axe man

The 4th quarter saw Bath take their foot off the gas, allowing Birmingham more possession and consequently a couple of goals, not ideal, but the game felt done and dusted by this point. Bath however need to be more ruthless if they are to progress as a squad.


Simon Griffiths trademark drive from behind

Sam White puts in some body

Quarter Scores

1st quarter Bath 5:1 Birmingham

L Butler, S Griffiths, D Mackay, L Butler, T Naughton

2nd quarter Bath 0:1 Birmingham

3rd quarter Bath 3:0 Birmingham

OG, C Morrey, S Griffiths

4th quarter Bath 0:2 Birmingham

Final Score Bath 8:4 Birmingham

Lloyd Butler drives from X


Lloyd Butler 2

Simon Griffiths 2

Doug Mackay 1

Tom Naughton 1

Craig Morrey 1

Own Goal 1



Miles Whittle (Panel)


M Carey