Seconds lose at Cheltenham 25 Feb 2017

Bath have been quite successful on the road of late, putting two winning squads out the previous weekend for road trips to Plymouth and Southampton, but resurgent Cheltenham put the brakes on the seconds drive for runners up in West 1.

The game at Southampton saw Captain Luke Wilmot take one for the team and play between the pipes in what was a convincing win over Southampton, Lloyd Butler bagged five and maintained his stron form in front of goal, pushed all the way by Craig Morey.

At Plymouth Joe Stone, not even through his first year as a Lacrosse player bagged a hat trick,  Seb Morgan also bagged three whilst Matt Stamp got his biggest haul of the season with four, Alex George getting one from midfield. 

Both these results are significan, not so much in the score, buit in the ability of Bath to field the teams to travel.

Results from Weekend 18 the Feb

First team at Southampton

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Southampton 5:20 Bath


 Lloyd Butler 5

Sam King 3

Craig Morey 4

Simon Griffiths 4

Alex Hustler 3

James Smith 1

Second team away at Plymouth City

Plymouth 7:11 Bath


Seb Morgan 3

Matt Stamp 4

Joe Stone 3

Alex George 1

Seconds lose at Cheltenham

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Paul Bown gets a block on the shotJames Runge defends

The weekend of Feb 27th saw the seconds away at resurgent Cheltenham, almost a local derby.

Bath didn't get out of the blocks, and Cheltenham played an orgenised, patient game.

Dale Armstrong takes a hit


Ground balls, passes and general structure were all below the standard normally set by the seconds, in attack things became rushed and crucial passes or decisions were missed. Thats said Cheltenham were not able to opull away comfortably, and the game always felt in Bath's reach. 

Josh Yeoman clears


In goal Will Tilson continues to make great progress, making some great saves, and his clear is improving, sometimes one can forget he's only 15.

Rory Crouch under pressure


Highlights of the game for Bath:

Great face off from Neil Smith, consistantly coming up with the ball

Fantastic shot from Rory Crouch into the top corner.

Rory Crouch attacks


Screaming shot from Matt Stampstraight into the back od Nik Roberts on the crease - big screen.

Matt Stamp shoots

Ex Bath players Matt Welling and Richard "Tricky" Bowden coming to watch the game 

Quarter Scores

1st quarter Cheltenham 2:0 Bath

2nd quarter Cheltenham 1:1 Bath

3rd quarter Cheltenham 3:2 Bath

4th quarter Cheltenham 3:2 Bath

Final Score Cheltenham 9:5 Bath



Matt Stamp 2

Rory Crouch 1

Nik Roberts 2



Bikkes Dillon (Cheltenham)


Top Scorer table

Name   Goals No Games Average
Lloyd Butler 28 9 3.11
Craig Morey 25 11 2.27
Nik Roberts 22 9 2.44
Sam King 16 8 2.00
Simon Griffiths 14 8 1.75
Alex Hustler 9 4 2.25
Doug Mackay 8 5 1.60
Ken Murray 8 9 0.89
Matt Stamp 7 5 1.40
James Smith 6 7 0.86
Joe Stone 6 7 0.86
Luke Wilmot 6 10 0.60
Seb Morgan 5 3 1.67
Tom Jacques 5 4 1.25
Jacob Stapleton 4 3 1.33
Tom Naughton 4 4 1.00
Dale Armstrong 4 8 0.50
Alex George 4 8 0.50
Alex Foster-Powell 3 3 1.00
Akito Jacques 3 5 0.60
Rory Crouch 3 8 0.38
Matt King 1 1 1.00
Jason He 1 3 0.33
Mike Carey 1 5 0.20
Laurence Dawson-Smith 1 5 0.20
Richard Bowen-Ashwin 1 9 0.11
Total   195    
Attack 110 Defence 6 Midfield 79   Goal 0