Bath v Bath 2nds West Div 1 - January 7th 2017

January 7th 2017

Bath 2nds v Bath 1sts 

West Division 1

Final Score Bath 2's 2:14 Bath 1sts

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First game of 2017 is an internal affair in West Div 1

Final Score Bath 1sts 14:2 Bath 2nds


The squads

Bath, due to the Firsts missing promotion and the Seconds moving up a division last season, find themselves with two teams in WD1. It is also an unfortunate fact that, at the moment, this game is likely to be one of the most competitive for the club. West D1 is week and teams are often reluctant to travel.


Club captain Luke Wilmot didn’t pull any punches, selecting a True first and Second team line up, with fringe players being divided equally between the two. So, although the game was between friends, it was taken seriously.

At face Alex Hustler and Ken Murray looked to dominate, but Neil Smith and Alex Foster-Powell were not in the mood to be ignored, and as the game wore on, the possession from the face became pretty even.


Where the Firsts had the advantage was in positioning and final pass, always slightly more accurate and quicker (as it should be) the seconds tended to drop the ball at the wrong moment, and overall the Seconds defence had a lot more work to do, had it not been for an excellent display between the pipes by young Will Tilson the gap on the score sheet might have been higher.

Roberts scores


Bath fielded 32 players and welcomed a couple of new signings to the club, John Howard, just back from Germany (Ex Welwyn and Brighton Uni) and James Oldham ex East Grinstead. Both fitted in well and will be a good addition to the club.


Bown protects the keeper

On the pitch Lloyd Butler continues to show that he can finish, scoring another 4 goals to keep daylight between him and the rest of the top scorers this season. In midfield James Smith showed some real pace and Rich Bowen-Ashwin proved awkward when defending. In defence Ben King looks comfortable with the long pole and is now becoming a threat on the clear.

Tilson savesBowen-Ashwin closes down


One highlight of the game, and possibly one for the scrap book was a fantastic cut and snap shot ON THE RUN by Simon Griffiths, taking full advantage of the slope on the pitch.

Morgan holds off Terrington

Some significant pointers to Bath’s future; less than a third of the two squads were students, showing stability and the average age of the squad might actually be in the 20’s for the first time this century; of the 52 players that have turned out for the Men’s squads this season 30% are students and 25% ex Juniors. 


Quarter Scores:

1st quarter Bath 2's 1:3 Bath 1sts

Morey, Murray, Griffiths.   Roberts

2nd quarter Bath 2's 0:3 Bath 1sts

Mackay, Butler, Morey

3rd quarter Bath 2's 1:3 Bath 1sts

Morgan, Butler, Butler. Foster-Powell

4th quarter Bath 2's 0:5 Bath 1sts

Griffiths, Hustler, Hustler, Butler, Morgan

Final Score Bath 2's 2:14 Bath 1sts



Craig Morey 2

Ken Murray 1

Simon Griffiths 2

Doug Mackay 1

Lloyd Butler 4

Seb Morgan 2

Alex Hustler 2



Nik Roberts 1

Alex Foster-Powell 1



Mark Buckland (Panel)

Tom Hamey (Bristol)



Name   Goals No Games Average
Lloyd Butler 24 8 3.00
Nik Roberts 18 7 2.57
Craig Morey 17 9 1.89
Sam King 11 6 1.83
Doug Mackay 8 4 2.00
Simon Griffiths 8 6 1.33
Alex Hustler 6 3 2.00
Tom Jacques 5 4 1.25
James Smith 5 6 0.83
Ken Murray 5 7 0.71
Tom Naughton 4 3 1.33
Jacob Stapleton 4 3 1.33
Dale Armstrong 4 7 0.57
Alex Foster-Powell 3 3 1.00
Akito Jacques 3 5 0.60
Joe Stone 3 5 0.60
Luke Wilmot 3 8 0.38
Seb Morgan 2 2 1.00
Rory Crouch 2 5 0.40
Alex George 2 6 0.33
Matt King 1 1 1.00
Jason He 1 3 0.33
Laurence Dawson-Smith 1 4 0.25
Matt Stamp 1 4 0.25
Mike Carey 1 5 0.20
Richard Bowen-Ashwin 1 6 0.17
Total   143