Exeter University v Bath - West D1 Ladder

Exeter University v Bath

3rd December 2016

West D1 Ladder

Final Score Exeter 6:12 Bath

Ben King in action


Bath’s attackers were the stars of the show against Exeter. Straight from the face Bath went on the attack and took the lead through Simon Griffiths. Simon played very well in a solid Bath attack being one of the three hat-trick scorers on the day. Simons best goal was a solid finish into the opposite top corner from just above GLE.

Craig Morey continued his form in this game with three more goals, always finding the space in attack and finishing well.  One goal from between the restraining and halfway line.

Lloyd Butler was again on fire in front of goal completing the hat-trick of hat-tricks for Baths attack. Lloyd even tried scoring with his back to goal improvising very well and unlucky to not have more.

An unfortunate injury at the end of the first half meant that Mike Carey missed out on the goals and the rest of the game with a sprained ankle. We all wish Mikey a quick recovery over the Christmas break.

Ground balls on the day were very difficult with the boggy Exeter pitch Winning face off was difficult for Ken Murray and Neil Smith but both did well in spite of this. Neil Smith was unlucky not to score with a sweeping run from the left wing and hitting the outside of the post. Ben King playing LSM was brilliant in hovering up all of the loose balls and made some great clears igniting a lot of Baths attacks.

Baths midfield played very well. Great cuts and clears from Alex George, Laurence Dawson-Smith and Akito Jacques. Dale Armstong was able to get into the Bath attack this week after unlucky subs meant he did more defending last week. Dale took his chance, bull dodging from up top and finishing well into the opposite corner.  James Smith put his mark on the match with great clears from defence and feeds to the attack. James got his name on the score sheet with a well-deserved goal. Rory Crouch made his first start for the first team and impressed with his communication on defence calling his slides and showed good movement when in attack.

Baths defence still shows a communication problem and need to talk more when calling slides and cutters. Exeter took advantage of this scoring goals from x and drawing the first slide and dumping to crease.  Paul Bown was bought in this week to add some needed physicality to the Bath defence and he delivered. Bowns slides were devastating as usual. Paul also helped with the communication on defence trying to make sure players knew their jobs. Sam White was very effective on the ground balls and helping clear out attackers so Bath players could pick the ball up in defence. Luke Wilmot worked well with keeper Ben Hopkins and Paul Bown on walking the ball up and clearing. Wilmot also added to his goals with a goal from a man up play, firing into the bottom right corner.

Quarter Scores

1st quarter Exeter 2:3 Bath

Simon Griffiths, Craig Morey, Lloyd Butler

2nd quarter Exeter 0:4 Bath

Craig Morey, Lloyd Butler, Simon Griffiths, Craig Morey

3rd quarter Exeter 2:3 Bath

Dale Armstrong, Lloyd Butler, Luke Wilmot

4th quarter Exeter 2:2 Bath

James Smith, Simon Griffiths

Final Score Exeter 6:12 Bath




Simon Griffiths 3

Craig Morey 3

Lloyd Butler 3

Dale Armstrong 1

Luke Wilmot 1

James Smith 1



Matt King (Exeter)


Joseph Stone   (Bath)


Hot Shot table

Name   Goals No Games Average
Lloyd Butler 20 6 3.33
Craig Morey 15 7 2.14
Nik Roberts 11 4 2.75
Sam King 9 5 1.80
Doug Mackay 7 3 2.33
Simon Griffiths 6 4 1.50
James Smith 5 4 1.25
Alex Hustler 4 2 2.00
Tom Naughton 4 2 2.00
Jacob Stapleton 4 3 1.33
Dale Armstrong 4 5 0.80
Ken Murray 4 5 0.80
Tom Jacques 3 3 1.00
Akito Jacques 3 4 0.75
Luke Wilmot 3 6 0.50
Alex Foster-Powell 2 1 2.00
Joe Stone 2 2 1.00
Alex George 2 5 0.40
Matt Stamp 1 1 1.00
Rory Crouch 1 2 0.50
Mike Carey 1 3 0.33
Laurence Dawson-Smith 1 3 0.33
Jason He 1 3 0.33
Richard Bowen-Ashwin 1 5 0.20
Total   114    
Attack 60 Defence 3 Midfield 51   Goal 0

Musings from Dale, Baths roving reporter

Its lacrosse time again, and guess what! We weren’t playing southampton this time!

To Exeter we went! A pleasant drive into the west country, a nice, if little chilly day.
I’ve been curious about Exeter for a while now, with their southern BUCS prem blowouts i was keen to see the level of quality in their squad.
Bath were missing some key players with Rich Bowen-Ashwin, Alexander Hustler(You were the chosen one!!!) and Sam king all missing. But with 6 midfielders on the bench, legs weren’t an issue.

Exeter’s grounds were decent, with a surprisingly solid topsoil and a hardy breed of turf holding it together, bouncers would be just manageable and as it was quite a small pitch it would make for a lot of action. On the other hand the changing rooms were colder than outside, so much so that the crosse was the only discernible difference between the men’s and women’s clubs.

The game started as a timid affair, with Neil Smith comfortably winning most face offs and allowing bath to own a comfortable possession. The Exeter team had a few stand out players, in defence it was their number 6, sporting a spencer coloured helmet he was a dependable stick with rapid checks and a impressive transition game. The rest of the Exeter D weren’t too shabby, though the inexperience was plain to see in certain aspects, especially around the wing, where lloyd managed to net a number of goals from catching, waiting for a defender to charge, stepping up field for a better angled shot. Exeter’s 23 man team allowed them to play a fast paced game, and keep the tempo up.

In the second the status quo stayed very much the same, with bath controlling the majority of the game. Exeter started to claw back the possession and used it to net two from a dodge and finish from X, very similar style to lloyd’s goal. Craig Morey also made an appearance, with his trademark cut and shoot to net a number of games. I even managed to shoot a rocket into the keepers stick. Tragedy struck bath in this moment when one of baths (Mike Carey) players suffered a twisted ankle and was out fpr the rest of the game.

In the third Exeter came back with a brace of goals, started from transition, and finish by powerful dodges to shoot. Exeter definitely have some very capable players. In attack bath actually managed to rotate for dodges, which gifted James Smith with some very good dodging opportunities and eventually a goal. Even I managed to put a stint in attack with a bull dodge that sent my defender sprawling whilst i stung it into bottom left.

In the 4th Exeter kept up the pace whilst Bath slowed down. This allowed Exeter some last ditch goals from dodges up top. In one attacking set an Exeter longpole managed to land a brush, nay a caress of a check on Lloyd Butler, only to have him roll around like he’d been shot! Luckily, the paramedics weren’t annoyed when it turned out he was being a wuss! For the rest of the quarter Bath looked to hold the ball, play some possession lacrosse and eventually see out the game with a win.

Bath played a better brand of lacrosse this game than I’ve seen before, whilst we’ve never had problems scoring goals, the way we did that had a lot to be desired, dodging through two men, relying on defenders making simple mistakes rather than forcing those mistakes. Today we implemented a rotation of sorts and the dividends showed in this game. With numerous dodges causing Exeter defenders to make decision after decision. 
The stand out player was Ben King, as LSM he made sure the ball was our on the face, causing turnovers, running transition, playing solid defence, he’s come along way in a short time.

For Exeter i can see how this team stomps other universities, they have a core of 3rd years that have mastered certain aspects of the game. When you put them together you have a team which can attack from lots of places. These players that are outside that core show a great level of fitness and more than contribute with lightning movement.
If Exeter want to step up to that next level a few key things need to be fulfilled. First off is technique, whilst these players can pass and catch, their ball handling skills are sloppy, this caused silly turnovers from a little defensive pressure. They also need to trust one another, they had a player on crease and he was rapid, catching bath defenders flat footed to get open on the crease. He didn’t see nearly 10% of the ball he needed. If he’d have been identified by the attack, thus game would have had a different outcome. Now extrapolate that problem across the pitch in clearing, defence not seeing the slide etc. It wasn’t because they didn’t know what to do, it was because thay didn’t know where to look.

I really enjoyed this game, and am looking forward to seeing Exeter again.