Hopkins joins the clean sheet list of fame

19th November 2016

Southampton 2nds v Bath

SW Div 1 Ladder

Final Score Southampton 0:23 Bath


Bath had to cancel the second team game at Exeter, so Club captain Luke Wilmot was able to give a few of the first team the day off and blood a couple of second teamers, and welcome new team mate Alex Hustler in a game that, on paper (and proved to be) should be a foregone conclusion.

The Southampton boys, worked hard all game, and to be fair the Bath players took the time to help/coach during the game, recognising that the opposition was very green to say the least.

Lloyd Butler dodges

At face, new boy Hustler was dominant, and will give the club options going forward, in attack, the Left hand fast break confused the defence and the midfield in equal measure. Lloyd Butler scored 6 goals, and could have had more, whilst the long poles took turns in running the ball into attack, one screamer by Captain Wilmot showed the extra threat a pole with a shot can be.


Alex Hustler shoots

In goal, Ben Hopkins only had one real save to make, as the defence looked pretty watertight, this gave him a place on the all-time shut out’s list for Bath, joining some illustrious names from the past (and present).

This was a competent display by Bath, however, the East is a lot stronger and the senior squad needs to play more together in order the challenge in the playoffs and flags.

Ben King clears


Shut outs by Bath from the beginning

Opp Date Played Comp For Ag'st Bath team Keeper
Three Bridges 16-Nov-85 Flags Div 3 5 0 Firsts Harrop
Orpington "A" 19-Jan-86 Flags Div 3 14 0 Firsts Harrop
Southampton University 08-Oct-88 Conference B 27 0 Firsts Harrop
Cambridge University 05-Nov-88 Conference B 27 0 Firsts Harrop
Southampton University 04-Nov-89 Senior Flags 30 0 Firsts Harrop
Southampton University 25-Nov-89 Conference A 22 0 Firsts Harrop
Hitchin "A" 17-Mar-90 Lower Conference 25 0 Seconds Hewitt
Oxford Iroquois 17-Nov-90 Division 3 10 0 Seconds Hewitt
Tatsfield 05-Oct-91 Division 1 13 0 Firsts Hewitt
Cambridge Uni Eagles 01-Nov-93 Division 3 2 0 Seconds Gates
Buckhurst Hill 21-Feb-98 Division 1 11 0 Firsts Gates
Hitchin "A" 09-Oct-99 Division 2 27 0 Firsts Gates
Wasps 08-Feb-03 Division 2/3 24 0 Firsts Gates
Cambridge University 08-Nov-03 Division 2/3 16 0 Firsts Gates
Aberystwyth University 06-Dec-08 West Div 2 20 0 Seconds Gates
Warwick University 31-Jan-09 West Div 1 19 0 Firsts White
Southampton University 07-Mar-09 West Div 1 17 0 Firsts Weil
Warwick University 23-Oct-10 West Div 1 16 0 Firsts Gates
Bristol Bombers 2 21-Jan-12 West Div 1 33 0 Firsts Gates
Bath University 06-Oct-12 Friendly 17 0 All Gates/Lane
Southampton City 10-Nov-12 West Div 1 34 0 Firsts Lane
Cheltenham Cougars 01-Dec-12 West Div 1 25 0 Firsts Lane
Southampton 2nds 19/11/2016 West Div 1 Ladder 23 0 Firsts Hopkins



Josh Yeoman clears


Quarter Scores

1st quarter Southampton 0:7 Bath

2nd quarter Southampton 0:6 Bath

3rd quarter Southampton 0:4 Bath

4th quarter Southampton 0:6 Bath

Final Score Southampton 0:23 Bath


Lloyd Butler 6

Craig Morey 5

Tom Naughton 4

Nik Roberts 3

Alex Hustler 2

Mike Carey 1

Sam King 1

Luke Wilmot 1

Top guns

Name   Goals No Games Average
Lloyd Butler 15 4 3.75
Nik Roberts 11 4 2.75
Sam King 8 4 2.00
Craig Morey 8 5 1.60
Doug Mackay 6 2 3.00
Tom Naughton 4 2 2.00
James Smith 4 2 2.00
Ken Murray 4 3 1.33
Jacob Stapleton 4 3 1.33
Dale Armstrong 3 3 1.00
Akito Jacques 3 3 1.00
Tom Jacques 3 3 1.00
Alex Foster-Powell 2 1 2.00
Alex Hustler 2 1 2.00
Simon Griffiths 2 2 1.00
Joe Stone 2 2 1.00
Alex George 2 3 0.67
Rory Crouch 1 1 1.00
Matt Stamp 1 1 1.00
Laurence Dawson-Smith 1 2 0.50
Jason He 1 2 0.50
Mike Carey 1 3 0.33
Richard Bowen-Ashwin 1 4 0.25
Luke Wilmot 1 4 0.25
Total   90    
Attack 43 Defence 1 Midfield 46   Goal 0





Dale Armstrong's report

It was a cold, windy miserable saturday when southampton 2's met bath 1's for the last meet between the two clubs for the season.

Bath having come off the victors with each match southamptons personel problems put an already green side under more pressure.

I was lucky enough to be refereeing this game, where my keen eye, savvy glimpse of the rules and premature flag hand was fit to keep both teams in line.

The game started at the face, with baths new face off man Alexander Hustler stepping up. Winning every ball comfortably. Ensuring lengthy possessions for bath. In an effort to upset the face in the third David Price showed some success with the long pole, either winning or denying a fast break.

In the first bath put 7 goals up. Their off ball game mixed with alley dodges from middies cut the southampton defence apart. A valient effort by the new southampton keeper who'd come out of the woodwork for this game.

In the second bath kept up the onslaught, with another 6 goals added, with all of baths attack getting involved. Lloyd Butler, Craig Morey, Nik Roberts all netting multiple goals. One one attempt Craig was absolutley crushed into sauce by a southampton defender.
The defence for southampton picked up as they got a feel for the game. With multiple runs from southamptons midfield ensuring a decent amount of possession.

The third is when southampton changed to a zone. Now whilst some played a zone and some didn't it had one key outcome, nobody ran out after a attacker to leave themselves cut off. Bath quickly began to break the zone but scored far less. With the greater reliance on basic passing proving too much for baths attack. Throwing away multiple balls without any interference from southampton. Bath were held to 4 goals. Southampton in attack showed some promise, with the ball and players moving with purpose.

In the fourth bath popped in another 7 as the squad size hurt southampton when players started to fatigue. Heads started dropping and that cold wind chilled hands and hearts.

Bath 1st 23 - 0 southampton 2's

Bath played a good game, this being a great opportunity to get the eye in on attack. At the face the new guy dominated, much to bath's joy, but two things must happen before we can declare him the saviour of bath lacrosse, can he overpower tougher opposition and can he be there week in, week out at games.

In defence bath were strong but for communication was lacking, and sloppy plays was pinpointed by a dashing referee. A measure of control is required with many players allowing dodges to beat them and relying on a take away check to knock the ball loose, a damgerous game against stronger opposition.

Southampton a much more to learn before they can threaten teams like bath. Whilst the raw material is there, the stick skills and game knowledge isn't. Though promise was shown withba number of impressive one off plays showing what could be in a years time.