Seconds lose out to organised Bristol outfit

12 November 2016

Bristol Bombers 2nds v Bath 2nds

Intermediate Flags

Final Score Bristol 8:3 Bath



106 years between tham


Bath 2’s like to make it tough for themselves, so travelling to Bristol to play one of the stronger teams in the division without a recognised goalkeeper certainly added another dimension.

Jacob Stapleton and Joe Stone volunteered and took a half each, both performed outstandingly, making a lot more saves that even they expected.


The bench



Both teams had solid long poles, which accounted for the low overall score, lots of knock downs by both, Bath however spent a lot longer in defence than Bristol, and towards the end it showed as legs became tired. For Bristol, Tom Hamey’s return from injury was a huge factor, his experience in reading the plays key, coupled with great second slides tipped the balance of play.

Bown lines one upBown in close quarters



In an even game it’s the small things that matter, Bath might have thought the day was going to be theirs as a sharp pass from Joe Stone was turned into the goal off Hamey’s pole. The referee called OG, but the ball was heading to goal and it seems only fair to give Joe the reward for a lot of hard work. But Bristol maintained disciplined and more errors came from the visitors, coupled with the attack struggling to link with the midfield to find that last pass, which in turn caused some of the attacks to be rushed, resulting in turnovers and even more defensive work. Movement overall was good, but Bath tended to carry the ball a little too far, rather than letting the ball do the work.

Mills under pressureFace off


 Matt Stamp tried several times to take the outside shot and was rewarded with a goal in the end, and Rory Crouch’s tireless running resulted in his goal in the last quarter.


Mills gets the ground ball


Paul Bown in defence was as always effective and physical, taking a couple of minutes in penatlties in his efforts to stop the Bristol attack. Josh Yeoman cleared extremely well and Steve Mooney has developed his game to snuff attacks before they become critical.

Yeoman checks



In all, the better team won by a whisker, and the West Final between Bath’s firsts might well be a cracker. As for the seconds, they should take heart from this, on any other day the scores might have been reversed.

Roberts holds off Hamey




Quarter Scores

1st quarter Bristol 1:1 Bath. (Stone, although referee declared own goal by Hamey)

2nd quarter Bristol 2:0 Bath

3rd quarter Bristol 3:1 Bath (Stamp)

4th quarter Bristol 2:1 Bath (Crouch)


Stone in goal



Joe Stone 1

Matt Stamp 1

Rory Crouch 1



Miles Whittle (Panel)


Top Scorers

Name   Goals No Games Average
Lloyd Butler 9 3 3.00
Nik Roberts 8 3 2.67
Sam King 7 3 2.33
Doug Mackay 6 2 3.00
James Smith 4 2 2.00
Ken Murray 4 3 1.33
Jacob Stapleton 4 3 1.33
Dale Armstrong 3 3 1.00
Akito Jacques 3 3 1.00
Tom Jacques 3 3 1.00
Craig Morey 3 4 0.75
Alex Foster-Powell 2 1 2.00
Simon Griffiths 2 2 1.00
Joe Stone 2 2 1.00
Alex George 2 3 0.67
Rory Crouch 1 1 1.00
Matt Stamp 1 1 1.00
Laurence Dawson-Smith 1 2 0.50
Jason He 1 2 0.50
Richard Bowen-Ashwin 1 3 0.33
Total   67    
Attack 28 Defence 0 Midfield 39   Goal 0