First team cruises into West plate final

12 November 2016

Southampton v Bath

Intermediate Flags

Final Score Southampton 8:16 Bath

Morey in action


Bath had great movement on and off of the ball. Cutting and feeding well.

Lloyd Butler could have had much more goals on the day. Doing all the hard work making space for the opportunity only to drop a few of the passes to him.

Bath cleared the ball very well with Ben Hopkins making great decisions and even better distribution of passes. Ben also made a host of key saves (one heading the ball away) making a lot of them look easy.


Hopkins saves


Baths biggest problem came from a lack of physicality on slides and communication on defence allowing Southampton some soft goals.


Sam King played great both in both offence and defence creating space and dodging well and playing good body defence when called upon.

Ben King, Sam White and Luke Wilmot did well snuffing out the majority of Southampton attacks with great checks and good clears.

Craig Morey was an unsung hero of the attack. His movement was key to a lot of Bath’s chances and was again unlucky to not score more but is settling in very well to Bath’s team.

Simon Griffiths was very effective in attack with his trademark drives from x scoring two goals. A big mention goes to Simon for backing up shots on the day keeping Bath on the attack.

Ken Murray and Doug Mackay worked well dodging from up top and creating chances. They also worked well with Sam King orchestrating the attack and made Bath play smart and used the ball really well.

Alex George, Laurence Dawson-Smith and Dale Armstrong played well with well-timed cuts and good defence. Dale conducted himself well playing against his old team.

Laurence scored a carbon copy of his first goal for Bath. A good cut from up top and a great feed from X allowed Laurence to direct the ball towards the keeper’s net.

Alex George made himself several good chances and on another day could have walked away with a hat full of goals.

MVP(S)Rich Bowen-Ashwin and Jason He

Unfortunately for Jason Bath don’t record assists because his passing was the key for a lot of Bath’s goals. He had great movement at X and created lots of scoring opportunities for the team.

Rich Bowen-Ashwin played with new found confidence after scoring last week. He led the way with his physicality not only on ground balls (sending a helpless Southampton player flying) but also bull dodging his way into space. This was added to his already great work ethic of doing Bath’s dirty work by cutting for dodgers, hitting the halfway on clears, sliding for cover on defence and chasing every ball to keep Bath in possession.

A highlight of the day was Sam White being caught urinating on the electrical box for the floodlights by Southampton’s groundsman.



Quarter scores

1st Quarter Southampton 1:4 Bath.  (Butler, King S, Mackay, Butler)

 2nd quarter Southampton 2:5 Bath. (Mackay, Butler, Griffiths, Mackay, Butler)

 3rd quarter Southampton 3:5 Bath. (Morey, Butler 2, Mackay, Dawson-Smith)

 4th quarter Southampton 2:2 Bath. (King S, Griffiths)

Final Score Southampton 16:8 Bath

Goal Scorers

Lloyd Butler 6

Doug Mackay 4

Simon Griffiths 2

Sam King 2

Craig Morey 1

Laurence Dawson-Smith 1




James Kellam (Panel)

Top Scorers


Name   Goals No Games Average
Lloyd Butler 9 3 3.00
Nik Roberts 8 3 2.67
Sam King 7 3 2.33
Doug Mackay 6 2 3.00
James Smith 4 2 2.00
Ken Murray 4 3 1.33
Jacob Stapleton 4 3 1.33
Dale Armstrong 3 3 1.00
Akito Jacques 3 3 1.00
Tom Jacques 3 3 1.00
Craig Morey 3 4 0.75
Alex Foster-Powell 2 1 2.00
Simon Griffiths 2 2 1.00
Joe Stone 2 2 1.00
Alex George 2 3 0.67
Rory Crouch 1 1 1.00
Matt Stamp 1 1 1.00
Laurence Dawson-Smith 1 2 0.50
Jason He 1 2 0.50
Richard Bowen-Ashwin 1 3 0.33
Total   67    
Attack 28 Defence 0 Midfield 39   Goal 0