Seconds win on the coast

Southampton 2nds v Bath 2nds

5th November 2016

West Ladder

Final Score Southampton 3:14 Bath

Ben Hopkins saves


Another road trip for Bath, this time to Southampton for a Ladder game. Bath have both teams in the higher level in the West, which means under the Ladder system there is a majority of away games to help the smaller clubs.

James Smith drives for goal


These games are potential banana skins, Southampton’s seconds is dominated by new students, and the experience tends to be hit and miss. Bath travelled with 15 and looked to have a nice balance of experience and youth.

Jacob Stapleton tries to intercept


The game started at a frantic pace, folk running in all directions with great enthusiasm, Bath were guilty of underestimating the opposition in the first 10 minutes, and to be frank played the game with little plan or forethought, basically running at the defence all the time (because they could). But in attack Southampton had a couple of useful players, when they got hold of the ball they looked dangerous. Bath, through a couple of individual goals took a 2 goal lead, and then switched off, with 15 minutes gone, the home side had taken a 3:2 lead. This was a wake-up call, Bath pulled their socks up, equalised then took the lead in the dying seconds of the quarter, after that there was no looking back.

James Smith gets the ground ballJames Smith shoots


At face Neil Smith dominated, supported by Richard Bowen Ashwin and Josh Yeoman (facing with a long pole), 5 unanswered goals in the second quarter settled nerves and Bath started to play some controlled lacrosse, the problem that confronted Bath constantly was the availability of space in attack, the quick pass was often available, so settling the play became forced rather than a necessity.

Nik Roberts


Bath restricted Southampton to a few hopeful attacks, and Ben Hopkins in goal, protected well by Paul Bown, Ben King and Josh Yeoman (with a cameo from Neil Smith) didn’t looked troubled, keeping a clean sheet for the remainder of the game. (0:3, 0:2)

Ross Graham takes the pressure


Southampton have a lot of potential, and, if Bath take their foot off the gas in future games, the result might not be a foregone conclusion.

Good performances all over the field, solid defence in particular, and goals spread across 8 players.


Tom Jacques shoots


Quarter scores

1st quarter Southampton 3:4 Bath

2nd quarter Southampton 0:5 Bath

3rd quarter Southampton 0:3 Bath

4th quarter Southampton 0:2 Bath

Final Score Southampton 3:14 Bath


Craig Moray 2

Tom Jacques 2

Nik Roberts 3

James Smith 3

Akito Jacques 1

Jacob Stapleton 1

Richard Bowen-Ashwin 1

Alex George 1


James Kellam (Panel)


Bath set up the attack


Top scorers

Name   Goals No Games Average
Nik Roberts 8 2 4.00
Sam King 5 2 2.50
Ken Murray 4 2 2.00
James Smith 4 2 2.00
Jacob Stapleton 4 2 2.00
Dale Armstrong 3 2 1.50
Lloyd Butler 3 2 1.50
Akito Jacques 3 2 1.50
Tom Jacques 3 2 1.50
Alex Foster-Powell 2 1 2.00
Doug Mackay 2 1 2.00
Alex George 2 2 1.00
Craig Moray 2 3 0.67
Jason He 1 1 1.00
Joe Stone 1 1 1.00
Richard Bowen-Ashwin 1 2 0.50
Total   48    
Attack 19 Defence 0 Midfield 29   Goal 0