SW Ladies Tournament No2 - 30th October 2016

South West ladies League

30th October 2016

Tournament 2

Westonbirt School

The squad


The format for the SW Ladies league is based on the results of previous tournaments, teams are put into groups before Lunch which are spread over the “ability” range; hence it was that Bath’s girls found themselves in a group with two of the stronger teams in the league: South Coast Seagulls, and Oxford City, with Plymouth University making the 4th slot. Over lunch the teams are seeded based on their placings in the morning, which means that there is more parity as the day goes on

Carmen ground ball

The club policy of bringing new players on meant that Bath travelled with a good sized squad (17) which was a mixture of complete beginner and more experienced players, for the beginners it’s a bit of sink or swim, luckily the girls are not only keen, but quick learners, and although beaten well in the first few games, there was plenty of effort and combativeness.


Tora Shoots


The afternoon was a totally different affair, with teams of a similar skill level in the shape of Swansea, Warwick and Exeter Universities, all like Bath, brimming with freshers new to the game.


Iren Draws


Lunch must have been full of high energy foods, because the girls came out of the blocks meaning business, Tora Joicey in particular seemed to have found her running boots; a slight tweak to positions, bringing Captain Irene Moynihan up to take the draw and placing a “runner” in defence to move up-field when required seemed to help gain some possession. The team, rather than hope for a goal, started to believe in themselves, with possession came some good attacks and of course goals, one or two of high quality.

Irene shoots


The new players settled well, now more familiar with the different technical rules such as Offside, Shooting Space, standing still on the whistle, with that understanding came the ability to contribute more and more to the game play.

Tora drives up field


Bath’s afternoon ended up with a 6:1 win over Swansea, a 3:3 Draw with Exeter and a 2:4 loss to Warwick (from being 2:0 up at the start of the game). As Bath Ladies had withdrawn at lunch time, Bath were elevated to 10th out of 13. The league rankings are based on points from tournaments, so being present alone is worth the effort.

All in all a good day


Meg saves