15th October 2016 Plymouth University v Bath 2nds - West Ladder

15th October 2016

Plymouth University v Bath 2nds

West Ladder

Final Score Plymouth 10:14 Bath 2nds





Bath 2nds were struggling for numbers for this game as two players dropped out at the last minute with injuries sustained in training. So it was that 11 men in red ventured down to the South Coast.


The first problem (besides the Argyle playing at home and both Universities having open days) was the pitch, unfortunately the council had managed to totally mess up the field markings, mainly ladies, so no half way line or wings (but a nice circle) and a crease of only 3 metres in diameter instead of radius, in other words half the size and tiny. The grass had just been mown, so there were lines of cut grass all over a bit of a “rough” surface.


The captains agreed to play on, after all it was the same for both teams, a little more lenience for the keepers was the order of the day around the crease.




Bath were without a specific face off man, so various players took it in turns to try and win the ball. In defence, Bath fielded a real combination of youth, experience and everything in between, Bruce Ryal, just graduating from, ironically Plymouth Uni (worried about havening a large target on is back) and Marcus Dunn being supported by Ben King with a long pole, Ben is rapidly becoming the go to utility player, which at 16 is saying something. The long poles job was to protect Will Tilson in goal at the ripe old age of 15. This defensive average age of under 19 being in sharp contrast with the attack.




Bath’s game plan was to save legs, with only one substitute this would be critical, at face the game was pretty even, conditions causing it to be more of a scrap than finesse, the wings (also subbing into attack) were extremely effective, particularly Jacob Stapleton, who seemed to be everywhere. Despite Baths ability to exploit the spaces in attack the men in green kept on plugging away, never giving up and keeping the game tight, mostly through long feeds and good shots.

Bath would have liked to settle the ball in attack and stuck to the game plan, but the gaps appeared so frequently that the plays just had to be made, passes to stick in front of goal frequent, add to that good runs by Akito Jacques and Alex Foster-Powell resulting in goals, Bath just gradually turned the screw.


A good win in difficult circumstances, some really good performances across the board, and a first club goal for Joe Stone to put icing on the cake.

There will be tougher opposition to come, and Bath need to get more players on the road in the future







Quarter Scores

1st quarter Plymouth 2:3 Bath

2nd quarter Plymouth 1:1 Bath

3rd quarter Plymouth 4:5 Bath

4th quarter Plymouth 3:5 Bath

Final Score Plymouth 10:14 Bath



Akito Jacques 2

Jacob Stapleton 3

Tom Jacques 1

Joe Stone 1

Alex Foster-Powell 2

Nik Roberts 5


Referee Plymouth University