Jon Harrop Cup 2016

Jon Harrop Cup 2016

The squads


Final Score Bath 9:15 University

Now a regular curtain raiser for the season the Jon Harrop cup is a fantastic medium for both the City and University team to get together and test themselves.

For the club the unavailability of regular first team students gives the opportunity for second team and new players alike to show captain Luke Wilmot what they have to offer.

Doug Mackay in attack


The game is getting more competitive, both teams now want to win the trophy established to commemorate the death of founder member, goalkeeper and referee Jon Harrop. The performance of 15 yr. old Will Tilson in goal would have made Jon proud.

The game settled into a pattern early on, University dominating the face off and retaining a lot of possession with pre-set routines, whilst City relied on broken play and experience. For the City, the lack of pre-season game time began to take its toll as the game wore on.

City started well, taking a two goal lead through Doug Mackay, dodging from the front of the zone, but the greater possession for the university began to pay dividends, it was inevitable that goals would eventually come, and they did, 3 in quick succession, putting the students in the lead but a goal from Simon Griffiths for City tied the game at the end of the first period.

Sam King checks


The University came out of the blocks for the second period, moved the ball quicker and began to exploit the weaker areas of the Bath defence, using raw speed in most cases to create the openings, when City got the ball, which was often enough, the midfield transition tended to let them down, which in turn put more pressure on the long poles, 5 goals for the University only broken up by a solo effort from Mackay put the boys in Blue firmly in charge, up 8:4. City needed the break to reorganise, and to give the defence a chance to catch breath.

Harry Taylor drives up the pitch for the Uni


City came out for the third quarter with much more intent, the wings began to retain more possession at the face and the attack moved the ball better, the ground ball battles began to edge in City’s favour, a brace from Griffiths and one from Nik Roberts saw the gap between the sides begin to close. This was short lived, captain Luke Wilmot turned his ankle and had to leave the field of play, and although Dale Armstrong took the long pole, the disruption to the defence was there to see, University exploited the hole in the protection for young Will Tilson in goal and fired in a couple of goals to re-establish the gap at 10:7.

Mackay tacklesTough defence


The third quarter, City began to chase the game, and the students took full advantage, moved the ball well when required and ran the socks off the midfield, another goal each from Mackay and Griffiths wasn’t enough as the University side put in another 5 goals to put the game out of reach for the City, closing at 15:9.

Bowen-Ashwin on the floor..again


This was a good win for the University, and it bodes well for the City in the forthcoming league campaign, both squads were around 17 in strength and there were several notable 1st team players absent. Wilmot also has some interesting choices to lake in the coming weeks, which is healthy for the club.

Ben King at LSM


The experience in games like this for the younger players and new “beginners” is invaluable, the game is competitive without being too physical to the point of injury, it brings the club together, and it was good to see several of the Women’s squad there to watch and support.

Odd down as a venue is a bonus, that facilities are good and the 3G pitch good to play on, although some “older” players seemed to find the field large (it’s a full sized field). With matches and training now established, the club can look forward to a period of stability and growth.

Will Tilson in goal


Quarter Scores

1st quarter Bath 3:3 University

2nd quarter Bath 1:5 University

3rd quarter Bath 3:2 University

4th quarter Bath 2:5 University

Final Score Bath 9:15 University


Doug Mackay 4

Simon Griffiths 4

Nik Roberts 1


Tom Hamey (Bristol)

Past Scores

27th September 2008 Bath 13:1 University

2nd October 2010 Bath 12:1 University

29th January 2012 Bath 6:3 University

6th October 2012 Bath 17:0 University

29th September 2013 Bath 7:6 University

Match officially became The Jon Harrop Cup

27th September 2014 Bath 9-8 University

19 September 2015 Bath 8-9 University

8th October 2016 Bath 9:15 University


Dale Armstrong saved by Ben Hopkins

Bath City vs Bath University for the John Harrop Cup. With Uni trying to retain the title!

The game started with Uni controlling the face, coming up with the ball consistently throughout the game but unable to initiate a fast break. This led to long possessions by Uni which tired out city's defence whilst using the wide pitch to play keep away.

Quick turnovers allowed City to transition and net immediate goals. Which led to an early lead and further pressure on baths D.

In the second quarter Uni came back with a 5 goal streak, taking advantage of a tired city defence. Uni dodgers forcing the city to make numerous decisions.

In the third, City began to get back into the swing of things, scoring more quick goals to even out Uni's massive possessions. Both goalies at this point were playing way beyond their years, with the Uni goalie stopping a one on one with a risky but well time slide.
It was at this point a bath defender plie’ d when he should have pirouetted and went down with a high pitched squeal. The physio helped him off whilst we all looked for a shooter and I landed in D.

With a new man in D, city's defence took on a new style. Sliding early and hard, delaying second slides to ensure a crushing hit and locking off X. Uni's attack had the fear set in, developing a case of 'hearing footsteps' which lead to a string of turnovers. At this point Uni's midfield stepped up, stalling numerous bath attacks before they had begun.

As the 4th came to a close city was pressuring heavily on attack, with Uni trying their best to stop the penetrating dodges of city. But city ran out of time.

Final score Uni 15 - 9 City

Match analysis

Bath city utilised a great cutting game as usual, a fast attack and a defence skilled in the takeaway check. Oozing great experience city played clever, tactical lacrosse. Teamwork was at a premium with correct decision making across the pitch.

But if you've been following my reports, the problem is the same as previous games, a hasty attack leading to extended possessions for the opposition. Add onto the lack of a dominating face off unit mean city's defence are exhausted. Remedying this could entail becoming a more possessive attack, bringing more defenders to games and implementing a solid subbing plan or training a strong faceoff unit. Once fixed city would cruise to victories.

With Uni it was very much a dominant midfield that powered them on, riding, facing and transitioning to the win. With their attack and d complementing the team nicely with well-timed moves for goal and taking plenty of shots. Their defence held a good shape with very reliable clearing.

For Uni it is very much a case of running before they can walk. The faceoff being a perfect example, dominating the ball but not being able to force a fast break, sliding in defence but not being able to body up to stop a dodge, a good attack formation but not being able to take advantage of the slide. Numerous times simple hand placement on the stick led to a dropped ball and turnover. If Uni can focus on the ideas this game is based on they'll dominate their league.

Big thanks to everyone involved which made it a great day. Not to mention the amazing grounds!