Bath lose East West playoff

East West Promotion playoff

Bath LC v Cambridge LC

Location - Reading

Final Score: Bath 3:10 Cambridge

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Bath not outclassed

The Bath first team squad

With promotion to the premiership the prize, Bath were at full strength barring injuries for this game, which meant a large squad of players for Captain Luke Wilmot to deal with.

On paper Bath were underdogs, the East league is stronger, and, although Cambridge had been third in East 1 behind Spencer and Hillcroft second teams the boys in Blue had been charging up the table after a terrible start to the season, rolling over teams at will. Cambridge LC is formed out of Cambridge University, non-students and USAF personnel from the nearby air base and well equipped to make the jump to the premiership.

Cambridge's top scorer watched by Luke Wilmot


Bath have had a good season, unbeaten in the West league, the only fly in the ointment being the loss to Birmingham in the Plate, giving away a three goal lead in the process.

Captain Luke Wilmot was realistic about the chances, in this game, and saw it as a bench mark for his squad’s development, many of the team are still maturing into good lacrosse players and may need another season at a higher level before premiership status is viable, that said, a win against Cambridge would change everything. Bath might have been underdogs, but the dog has teeth.

Simon Griffiths scores

The game started with Cambridge winning the face and moving the ball quickly behind goal, setting up the attack. Cambridge’s No 19 stepped up on D Pole Steve Mooney from behind and drove to the right post, as the slide came across he slipped the ball across the crease to the unmarked attacker, who placed the ball in the net, not a good start.

Bath however did not let this deter them, Ken Murray does not like losing the face off and wasn’t as obliging at the restart, and overall during the game was probably ahead. Bath retained a lot of possession, but repeatedly either made the wrong decision of fluffed the pass/catch allowing Cambridge to move the ball up the field, despite this the back three of Sam White, Steve Mooney and Luke Wilmot continuously snuffed out the threats. The midfield was working hard to support the defence and Mark Lane in goal was in no mood to let the East side have any more easy goals.


Alex Scott defends

Cambridge only managed 1 goal towards the end of the quarter, and the teams looked pretty even.

Bath, in the second quarter redoubled their efforts, and despite continuing to make silly mistakes, dominated proceedings, the attack in particular made sure Cambridge couldn’t get the ball out easily, frustrating the east side, who began to give away needless penalties. A solo goal by Simon Griffiths opened the Bath account taking the game to 2:1 at the half.

Luke Wilmot closes down the Cambridge attack


The second half began with Bath looking the slightly better side, however Cambridge had, in No 19 the ace up their sleeve, always dangerous whenever in possession he began a solo destruction of Bath hopes, scoring three goals for Cambridge before Bath managed to pull one back via Asher Brindley, Cambridge added a fourth late on in the quarter (No 17 assisted by No 19) to move into the last quarter with a comfortable 4 goal cushion.

Lloyd Butler tries to put the Cambridge keeper off his clear


Bath didn’t have the choice, and the game opened up in the last period, Luke Wilmot took it upon himself to deal with the threat of No 19, keeping him to 1 goal and 2 assists, Bath scored through Lloyd Butler but never managed to develop any momentum to close the gap.

The game went to form, on the Day, The East one representatives were the better team, but not by much. The Cambridge coach praised Bath for one of the toughest games they had had all season, as they’d got used to having double figures by the first quarter. Bath can be proud of their achievements this season, most of the squad will be available next season, promotion must be in Captain Wilmot’s plans.

Lloyd Butler under pressure


Bath now have to decide if they want to take on Bristol Bombers on the 7th May in the Losers challenge.

On the day there were several good performances, Owen Edwards at LSM who returns to Loughborough University next season and will be missed and Mark Lane, who made some excellent saves and generally cleared well.


Mark Lane saves


Quarter Scores

1st quarter Bath 0:2 Cambridge

2nd quarter Bath 1:0 Cambridge

3rd quarter Bath 1:4 Cambridge

4th quarter Bath 1:4 Cambridge

Final score Bath 3:10 Cambridge


Simon Griffiths 1

Lloyd Butler 1

Asher Brindley 1


Trevor Rogers (Reading)

Peter Compton (Spencer)